We are officially the first organised Enduro Touring company in Greece

With our own private fleet of Beta Motor enduro motorcycles, experienced guides and gear stock. "We do it, because we love enduro" is our Philosophy

We operate in "Kavala" City in the North of Greece

A city with great history, surrounded by the "Rhodopi" mountain line, and the waters of the aegean sea, gives you the opportunity to enjoy activities in both fields.

We organise all inclusive, economy and own bike enduro tours.

Our all inclusive packages include everything a rider needs to enjoy pure enduro adventures in our area. We cover all levels.

Our city is an enduro heaven.

Due to our city's privileged location (in less than an hour we can reach the most beautiful, adventurous, natural trails) we guarantee a memorable Enduro Ride Experience.




You can choose to ride from 2 to 6 days.








What to expect:
"Whole lotta" enduro action

We love extreme enduro, steep uphills, downhills, rocky trails, water streams and other elements of nature against us! We also easy-ride upon request.

Amazing sightseeing

The scenery around is thick forests with sea view, long trails or mountain roads. Old greek villages, rocky valleys and castles, rivers stone brigdes and many many more. The castle of Kavala and the peninsula of Panagia will leave you breathless!

Incredible food

We will make frequent stops for lunch and after the rides every evening we will taste local cuisine and delicacies with plenty of beer or local wine and spirits.


We will be your best friends after your visit. That's a promise!

















We cover all levels:

Extreme enduro

If you are an enduro rider, then you know what extreme enduro means. Nothing to describe here.

Hard enduro

We ride through hard trails, rough dirtroads and, if we decide, we can go harder in river beds, tough trails or rocky valleys.

Easy rider

We will ride through dirtroads and easy trails. We will have an amazing ride through greek villages and historical monuments.

Beginner's riding

We will show you the first steps of an amazing enduro ride! All you need is to know how to ride a motorcycle. 




All inclusive | Economy | Bike Guide




Means all inclusive

Includes motorcycle, gear, 3 meals a day, fuel, hotel, guide fees.

 Economy, discounted

Includes motorcycle, hotel, breakfast and you pay for everything else (fuel, meals, damages).

Bike Guide

Package includes bike, guide and gear. 



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North Star Enduro Touring
North Star Enduro Touring
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