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Welcome to Greece

Welcome to an amazing Enduro riding destination. Navigate through our menus to choose your package and dates and brand new 2022 Beta RR motorcycles will be waiting for you next to our experienced guides in our new renovated base, to live the dream.

COVID-19 update

Entry to Greece is free Since May 1st 2022, entry to Greece is permitted from many countries without inspection. Please find more travellers information here https://travel.gov.gr/#/

2, 3 or 4 days

The first step: Visit our calendar and choose your riding days.

It can be any of the "green" highlighted dates or you can join any of the available groups (highlighted in red) if your riding level meets theirs (tricky!)

3 to 10 riders

Pack your Gang: We accept groups of minimum 3 participants and maximum 10

this is an image of riders

Riders: All riders in group must have similar level, groups are guided by 2 guides and don't split.

Supported Levels: Easy to hard enduro riding.

Up to 3 packages

Full package: Includes motorcycle, gear, 3 meals a day, fuel, hotel, guides.

Economy (discounted): Includes motorcycle, hotel, breakfast and you pay for everything else (fuel, meals, damages).

Bike Guide: Includes bike, guide and gear.

Visit for the food

Greek Cuisine: We visit different local restaurants for lunch and dinner every riding day.

Keep calm and: drink tsipouro*. We will guide you through and show you what we drink during our meals in Greece. *(kind of ouzo)

Fish or Meat: also plenty for vegetarians, vegans and other groups of eaters, whatever is your game we will try to serve it.

Meet the Fleet

We use Beta motorcycles since 2011 and we love them ever since. We have 20% 4stroke models and 80% 2strokes because they rock. We upgrade the models yearly so currently loading.... 2023 !!!

The 300

An awesome bike. A true legend. A Robot of riding. You just tell it where to go and it goes. We can keep writing for this beast for ages...

The 350

You like it fast? It likes it faster. Weights like a 2stroke, behaves like a 4stroke, delivers like a 400... what else can you ask?

The Racing model

A true legend. A beast. Unfortunately a guides bike at the moment, but you can touch it and admire it as much as you want.

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