Eicma 2022

Bye bye Covid, If you love bikes and beer, beautiful creations from humans and Gods, well Eicma is the place you have to be yearly every November. Now, lacking experience on other motorcycle shows, I am sure some of you would definitely have better proposals…
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Andreas on a 4stroke ???

To our new audience these news will seem indifferent but to our visitors of previous years? Unbelievable. Did you guss? Andreas for 2022 groups will ride a 4stroke. Yup, not just a 4 stroke but the MY 2022 430 RR. I will need to explain.…
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Trimming and clearing trails !!!

Hard work is our middle name. So is joint and muscle pain though !!! Off riding season, our job is still hard, since we need to clear and scout new trails for our riders. In addition, last years we are having some rough winters with…
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Our cars, usually suffer….

In my previous life, the one making a living out of managing a medical devices service providing company, I only know cars would be loaded with staff, clients or devices, trucks would carry heavy stuff, we would do numerous kilometres on our highways, travel in…
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Installing Ohlins on my Beta…

This year, I didn’t get a Racing Beta as all the past years. The real reason was the oil injection and nothing else. In our job we refill the bikes two or three times per day and this means that among all the bikes that…
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Crazy March lovely ride

Sunday is THE day decicated on riding from almost every Enduro rider around the globe. For me, when I have some days off guiding, to be able to devote a Sunday on enduro riding is a true blessing, especialy when I find my self in…
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Beta 300 Racing M.Y. 2022

If you told me back in 2011 that in 2022 I would still be on a  seat of a Beta Bike loving it, well  I would probably agree. That bike (350 RR) was love from the first sight anyway. Looking back, I see a small…
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Testing the Beta RR 200 M.Y. 2019

Big engines right? Massive bikes that with a slight twist of the throttle your muscles detach from your bones and your joints extend like the rubber man… Not any more. The 2stroke technology being under the research and development of Betamotors  just delivered a 200…
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Our new Store

A new place to be… It was about time. One of many dreams, we were forced to start realising it due to lack of space and rise in riders numbers. A Riders lounge we can sit and rest, were we can talk and drink, were…
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Girl Power Eicma 2019

View the complete gallery here You walk in the show. Your senses go wild, the smell of the bikes, the colours, all those wheels and seats, and front forks that inevitably your eyes are caught on, yes, you are in EICMA motorcycle show and you…
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