Beta 300 Racing M.Y. 2022

If you told me back in 2011 that in 2022 I would still be on a  seat of a Beta Bike loving it, well  I would probably agree. That bike (350 RR) was love from the first sight anyway. Looking back, I see a small…
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Our new Store

A new place to be… It was about time. One of many dreams, we were forced to start realising it due to lack of space and rise in riders numbers. A Riders lounge we can sit and rest, were we can talk and drink, were…
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Girl Power Eicma 2019

View the complete gallery here You walk in the show. Your senses go wild, the smell of the bikes, the colours, all those wheels and seats, and front forks that inevitably your eyes are caught on, yes, you are in EICMA motorcycle show and you…
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Winning the Riv3r 2019

22/1/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? No I am tired. 18/2/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? No I have things to do. 15/3/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? Are you crazy? We will be busy. 10/4/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas?…
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Having a blast in EICMA 2019

November is the time we are away from the office.  This November particularly was so busy after a long period of riding, so serious travel plans had to be made pretty early this year. Of course, apart from other business obligations, the motorcycle show of…
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Riding the Beta RR 300 2020

It’s that time of the year again. Bikes have to go and new ones to come in the store. What a mess. The paper work, licenses, transportation arrangements and logistics, protection installation ( more details in another article) and above all, breaking in the engines…
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What a wonderful group of riders

It’s September the 20th, it’s in the peak of our season and we are expecting a group of 10 riders from Israel, a place we lately have most of our riders from. We are worried due to our physical status, usually the guys from those…
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Your Knees are the ride

I have performed three major and four or five minor operations on both my knees, with the most important of them to be the Posterior and Anterior cruciate ligament tear, meniscus rapture and bottom plateau split in half back in 2006. Since then the protection…
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Romaniacs, a race, a habit, an addiction

Andreas is usually announcing his will to participate to Romaniacs, in the most out of the question moments. He gets triggered by videos and clips of others or some words when we talk about the yearly plans. In 2017, the spark the lighted the fire…
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