Having a blast in Eicma 2019

November is the time we are away from the office.  This November particularly was so busy after a long period of riding, so serious travel plans had to be made pretty early this year. Of course, apart from other business obligations, the motorcycle show of Milan Eicma, is in our  yearly calendar for many reasons. One of them is that we feel we belong there. As Beta motorcycle partners, as enduro and motorcycle enthusiasts and in general guys who love the sight of a wonderful woman, and oh boy there are plenty there…

November in Milan is always busy. The impressive fact thought is that the city celebrates Motorcycles in its total. From various shows and concerts around the center, to posters and moto decorated windows you can feel the moto vibe in every step. Hundreds of tourists walk the old streets of the city, making you feel you walk among buddies since the majority of them is there for the show.

Looking to spend three days among bikes, beer and wonderful people? This is where you are supposed to be around every November 5-8…

This year team was me (Thanasis) and our mechanic Aris. He was pretty impressed from the show as this was his first time and me, I felt like it worth the time and effort to show him all the show. And I did. Halls 15-13 occupied most of our time since Beta, KTM, Husqvarna were placed next to each other there. The next few days were spend pleasantly to the other halls, visiting both by booth impressed by this years attack of electric scooters, motorcycles and bicycles.

New stuff was exhibited from all the major and small brands. KTM anouned the ugly (as far as I am concerned) 790 Adventure -R while Husqvarna (Grey KTM) impressed me big times with an amazing new intro. The Norden, the bike that kept me looking at it almost the most among the ADV bikes. Massive, pumped, not for the faint hearted, this giant has the looks needed to make you feel he can take you around the globe many times. In all aspects I am expecting this to be the 2020 hit of Husqvarna, while at the same time I felt intimidated by some details like the extra wide seat that wont’t allow riders my size to be carefree on it. The version demonstrate in the exhibition (as you will see also in our pictures) demonstrates a bike with full add ons. Front disk brake protection, hand guards, seat bags and protection bars, contribute to an amazing result in the ADV world. I hope to have the chance to ride one very soon as I am already thinking a nice replacement for my 2005 950 KTM.

A Motorcycle that is designed to impress with specs and looks

If my eyes were not caught by the magnificence of their model, I would not have noticed something new and very much impressive not finding another word to express my opinion right now. MOTO MORINI XCAPE.

New buddy in the area, one of my favorites and really good looking

What is it? A new idea. The dimensions of a nice shaped ADV with proper travel in the suspensions, an almost narrow seat to use off road comfortably, and a small yet powerful engine combined on a bike with wonderful (in my opinion as always ) looks and adventurous style.

How about Beta? I am making another post to describe the majestic time we spent for all the days in the booth we now call home away from home.

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