Issue 23

Our friends Neil and Steve, are the first clients we had as North Star enduro in 2011. They are here on yearly basis ever since, sometimes the two of them, sometimes with their gang. Our love and appreciation for them is big and can’t be…
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Winning the Riv3r 2019

22/1/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? No I am tired. 18/2/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? No I have things to do. 15/3/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas? Are you crazy? We will be busy. 10/4/2019: Are we going to Riv3r Andreas?…
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Having a blast in EICMA 2019

November is the time we are away from the office.  This November particularly was so busy after a long period of riding, so serious travel plans had to be made pretty early this year. Of course, apart from other business obligations, the motorcycle show of…
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November Ride

234 riders later, I found some time to write a couple or more blog articles, to share some thoughts I had while riding and guiding wonderful people. Most of the riders when they contact us by mail or phone insist on asking to book for the…
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Romaniacs, a race, a habit, an addiction

Andreas is usually announcing his will to participate to Romaniacs, in the most out of the question moments. He gets triggered by videos and clips of others or some words when we talk about the yearly plans. In 2017, the spark the lighted the fire…
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